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Anal gland or hemorrhoid problems in dogs

Dogs develop hemorrhoids in the same manner and for the same reasons as humans, though their rate of incidence is far less frequent.

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A hemorrhoid is basically a swollen blood vessel located in the anus that has begun to protrude as a result of an amplification of blood to the affected area brought on by an increase in strain, stress or pressure. They can be safely treated at home, anal with caution and care, as protrusions are prone to dogs, resulting in bloody bowel movements and discomfort for your pet.

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Consult a veterinarian to confirm the diagnosis. Hemorrhoids are exploited college girls anal by visible protrusions from the anus, blood in the dog's bowel movements and the dog dragging his rear or otherwise attempting to scratch it.

How to Treat a Dog's Hemorrhoids at Home

Hemorrhoids can easily be confused with tumors, fissures, rectal prolapse and impacted anal gland. However, if you're confident in your diagnosis or if a veterinarian has confirmed it, move on to Step 2. Place a bottle of witch hazel hemorrhoid the freezer for an hour or into the refrigerator overnight.

Apply to the affected area three times daily by saturating a cotton ball with the chilled witch hazel and pressing it against the affected area.

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Hold in place until the cotton ball problems no longer cold.