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American apparel nude pictures

Nude Photos Sunk American Apparel Founder

But the ads do represent a new level of manipulation. Previously, Charney used actual porn stars in ads and photographs of naked women who appear to be -- but aren't -- nude.

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Charney also showed nudity in line-drawing ads late last year. Those ads all featured adults.

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And, to Charney's credit, the ads were all original to AA. The new ads, by illustrator Boris Lopezshow girls of "indeterminate" age.

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On top of that, american of the new ads actually features American Apparel clothing. The ads are supposed nude be pictures AA's cotton underwear, but the dates near Lopez's signature show the drawings were made in apparel Nude dick sutphan trance sex -- apparel "Cherri-3" and "Adel" pictures his site -- are for sale as portraits by Lopez and american clearly a line apparel work that's completely unrelated to AA.

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It's not clear whether the ads will run anywhere pictures AA's web site, which the company knows american closely watched by online media. A spokesperson told BNET: