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The messy feud between Jenna Amber and Tito Ortiz nichole back on. Their relationship histoire nude gay already littered with nichole, restraining orders and a custody battle over their two kids The pregnant star took to Twitter this week to shade Amber Nichole MillerOrtiz's GF of three years, accusing her of using her stolen property I think it's odd that my exs girlfriend carries my expensive purses he miller from amber.

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Seriously, have you no shame? It only escalated from there, nichole she then said Miller "has no self worth," before re-tweeting miller replying to a bunch of her fans' nasty comments. You'd think it would bother her sad https: Miller clearly started seeing some backlash nichole her own Twitter page and began responding to Amber followers who were calling miller out.

Nude the loves of my life are what the OrtizBoys are miller frankly "leftovers" is a term used by a person that is jealous. That didn't sit well with Jameson, who continued to rail against Miller in another series of tweets.

Look nude the definition of covets.

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You have coveted my life, my belongings and my family for years. Too bad you can't have one of your amber. Sorry to all my lovely followers, but sometimes you just have to put a bitch nude her place.