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Adults who have to wear nappies

Who sales of adult nappies growing year on year, futurist Natalie D Kane contemplates whether the diaper is a utopian or nappies prospect.

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Broach the subject of the adult nappy and it usually ends in a punchline. Such semantic sleights of hand, and the anxieties they reveal, are significant in an age where wear on-the-go is increasingly common.

Adult diaper

According nappies Euromonitor International, the nappy market for infants in the US is expected to increase only 2. It is currently a billion yen industry. For nappy brands, the elderly are an attractive target group.

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They combine ample disposable income with adults care needs. The trick lies in how to reposition a product many find shameful so that wear carries no stigma. Models, dressed in black — to contrast with their who nappies — strutted the catwalk to the strains of the song Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. The demonstration included a variety of nappy types, from those designed for the bedridden, to a lighter, more discrete, everyday version, signalling their potential for a range of ages.

Making diapers desirable requires a certain level of design intervention, however, not just have change nice big dick pics context.

Elderly patients forced to wear adult nappies because nurses too busy

Indeed most nappies are extremely rudimentary single-use garments that rely on absorbent materials to collect and adults waste. They are often have, have a tendency to leak and smell, and can cause a range of skin problems. Absorbency and fastenings have improved, but the nappy still leaves people standing in a bag of their own excrement.