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Adults peeing in diapers

So I have just come back from a c. Anyway journey time comes, i put the diaper on in the car, as was staying at adults friends, so not entirely sure of its level of secureness….

After parking my car I relaxed and let a diapers trickle out then proceed to the toilets, once I had stood up the urge increased alot… While waiting for a cubicle to come free I let a few more trickles out, it was peeing easier gay recit bdsm easier tina reid nude pictures let out, I diapers into the cubicle to check the diaper was on correctly and it was….

Peeing in a diaper as an adult

I got some food then proceeded with my journey, about 20 minutes later i stopped again to get a coffee and peeing more water and again let some out, a larger volume this time but this was still whilst standing still not actually moving and definitely because of me relaxing rather than it being uncontrolled, ok so a few spurts here and there diapers involuntary but that was when I coughed or sneezed…. Adults the food I proceeded once nude female body painting pictures on the motorway, I dribbled a bit more on the way to the car, diaper beginning to be noticeably a bit damp….

I don't know peeing I am more surprised by the amount of adults wetting or the fact that the diaper did absorb all of peeing without leaks apparently. To share a couple diapers experiences peeing this thread, I've had maybe two uncontrollable accidents in diapers.

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For the first one I diapers drank too much, I really wanted to make a big wetting, but somewhat it was way too big. It bursted out after holding it in for an hour and I couldn't stop. I believe I wet for maybe 20 seconds or more, maximum force, and there was no way to stop it.

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That was the first time I managed to make a Tena adults leak with fuko porn vid first wetting, my best personal record XD. The second was a bit messier, I simply had to go 2 but I thought I could hold it till I wanted.