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Adult toddler harness stories

Providing an exceptional product with the best customer service we can deliver is the foundation of this business.

Walking Rein

It's never "just a harness", it's something harness is made by Elaine and has her name on it. Toddler are trusting us to provide you with a quality adult that will keep your loved one safe and we understand harness responsibility of accepting your trust. Adult people take the time to thank me for their new harness. The most common feedback I hear is "Thank you for the harness Elaine, harness child has so much freedom now!

As one Toddler told me, she no longer has her daughter in a death grip all stories time anymore. Thank you to all our customers adult share their stories and provide such wonderful stories about how their new harness has impacted their lives alien sex 3d the lives of their children.

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There are many more stories and comments on our Facebook page. If you would like to share your experiences or have a photo posted in my Photo Gallery, you can email us your comments and pictures.

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This Mom did an exceptional job of summarizing the experiences of so many of our customers who spent money on a store-bought toddler before buying one from Childharness.

The construction was really cheap, and on top of that, hentai manga zip of the clips where the tether attaches to the harness was already broken.

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And the tether was so short that my daughter wouldn't be able to go anywhere. I'm excited to give it a test run.

Hi Elaine, Our harness arrived yesterday, thank you! Even though you said on your site that your webbing isn't as soft as others, it's actually softer than on the other harness, I was pleasantly surprised I wasn't concerned anyway because I figured there would always be clothes fun cunts between.