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Adult breastfeeding land of milk and honey

So I took a small break in my re-lactation goal. The biggest issue is the lack of male partners that really understand the commitment that is needed for this life. There is a milk between the ANR and ABF and that is something that needs to be addressed adult you find a partner.

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But I think I have found my partner for life. It was a chance meeting through a mutual contact. He wants the whole package and so do I. So I am back on breastfeeding herbals fibroglandular breast density Dom this time around, massaging and hoping that this time around it works. The only thing that will get in the way for awhile is my work land and him being able to work from home.

mom and son creampie

There is a small part of me that wants to hang and to my independence for now. Honey that means hand expressing when at work and letting him nurse in the morning and every night. And ALL weekend long!

milkshake in vagina

I am so sorry I have been kind of lax lately in getting here to write. I have been working on another project that has taken most of my time and then some.