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About to be spanked

My Afternoon With Dr. Don, the Male-Spanking Therapist

Spanking is back in the news. Why do powerful men like to about spanked? Received wisdom once had it that public schools were to blame.

Because a generation spanked men were beaten during their formative years, so the theory went, they yearned to be spanked as adults.

Why do powerful men love to be spanked?

They dominate not just their clients, but the industry. Such is the demand for spanking that many parlours have their own house dungeons. In fact, dungeons operate all over Britain, in our sleepiest and most respectable towns. There are equally successful spanking businesses in Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds.

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And those who like to imagine this as a particularly English peccadillo will be surprised to learn that the very grandest establishment still going strong is in Scotland. The Glasgow Dungeon occupies a suite of former offices in Sauchiehall Street.

Why do powerful men love to be spanked? | The Spectator

At Hotel BDSM, one room contained an imaginative wheel, mounted on the wall, to which one could be secured and beaten up from different angles.

So what, how to find the clitorios our enlightened era, is the appeal? Many middle-class men like me were brought up to believe that success is everything.