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Ab dick 360 printing press

It came with lots of extras and the seller even threw in a laser printer for making plates and about 60lbs. And what do I need to do to make plates using the laser printer?

A.B. Dick Company - Wikipedia

The AB Dick is an offset duplicator. Nothing letterpress about it, as you probably already know.

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They were made in great numbers and parts are available. You can dick get offset plates made for it, and printing machines do print well if used within their capabilities: From my experience, the laser printed plastic plates are sketchy and very vulnerable to damage.


Your best bet with these presses is aluminum offset plates. If your up for some tinkering, it is possible to use adhesive backed Photopolymer plates with this press.

AB Dick 360 CD Offset Printing Press

Lots of places fisherman and penis 360 do this for printing envelopes. Ii can print halftones, though nothing museum quality and all.

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Course line screen at best. There is no register board so your registration is all in press feeder setup. The laser plates are very temperamental.