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18 year old dies shoveling snow

Rip our hearts out!

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Over the weekend, a pregnant teenager died after shoveling snoweven after relatives warned her not to do it.

Eighteen-year-old Briahna Gerloff was eight months pregnant when she collapsed from overexertion. Tragically, shoveling unborn baby year Kayliana lost her life as well.

The Pottstown, Pennsylvania, resident had also been suffering from several heart defects, including Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome WPWwhich can cause an erratic and rapid heart rate.

Pregnant teen dies after shoveling snow, family says

A relative told the local news that he old her against shoveling the snow herself, but that "she wanted to do it anyway.

He was able to get in through the basement, and he reported, "I went adult knees movies, yelling her name, looking for her I went to the bottom of the steps and yelled her name. He found her passed out and unresponsive on the kitchen snow, and he immediately started to do CPR. A neighbor came over too, and they called for an ambulance while they tried to breathe life back into her.

Pregnant teen dies after shoveling snow at Pennsylvania home | FOX31 Denver

But it was too late -- both Briahna and Kayliana had died. I just can't understand why she felt like she needed to shovel that snow, as she obviously had friends and family that were concerned for her and surely would've cleared a dies if she needed one.

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All I can think is that she wanted to feel like she could get things done by herself.